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Home is where your heart is. And just like our hearts, it doesn’t hurt to secure our homes to keep them safe from any forces that might seek to bring harm to it. Technology and AI, today, has made it so much easier to keep your house secure and safe. So, if you’ve been thinking about upping the security in and around your home, here a few great gadgets that might be of use to you -

A Baby Monitor

The most natural instinct for any parent is to worry. A baby monitor can be a useful gadget that can help ease some of your stress and maybe get a few more hours of sleep. The two main types of baby monitors are audio and visual. Audio monitors work as an alarm to alert you when your baby cries while video monitors, allow you to check in on your baby without physically taking a trip to the nursery. With newer technology, smart baby monitors are also now available in the market. These monitors not only provide you with visuals but also with important alerts for when your baby rolls over, cries or even danger zone alerts for newly mobile toddlers.

A Security Camera

Though this may seem a little obvious, security cameras can provide you with the easiest solution to securing your home. With recent technological upgrades, most cameras can now provide high-resolution images, audio recordings and also sometimes comes with features like motion detection. These cameras can also be placed anywhere in the house so that even when you’re not at home, your house is never actually left unattended. As an extra protective measure against burglaries or petty thefts, security cameras might be a product to consider.

Smart Garage Door Openerss

Connected technologies, in today’s world, have added new dimensions to the standard wireless garage door. These doors can be a bit of a liability to the safety of your homes. An answer to this problem that you could consider is a smart garage door opener that have WiFi and Bluetooth connection. These devices not only allow you to automatically open your gate or garage door as you arrive but also gives you the option of monitoring and sharing access to your garage from anywhere in the world. It can give you reminders when you’ve left the garage door open and also lets you monitor the garage with live video footage.

A Water Leak Detector/Flood Sensor

Water damage is a fairly common household issue that can have rather destructive effects. Even if your house isn’t located in a flood-prone region, common problems like a leaky pipe, an overflowing bathtub, a clogged toilet can create trouble. A smart leak detector, in addition to alerting you about leakages, also has a temperature sensor that can inform you about freezing temperatures or high humidity levels which could be the beginning of other problems. This gadget can also easily be connected to your router for convenience as it operated over WiFi.

A Smart Lock

As we get older, forgetting things becomes a fairly common part of our lives, one of the most easily forgotten objects being the house keys. Another gadget that you could consider to help you out here, is a smart lock that is both keyless and operates on biometrics. It allows for convenient authentication without you having to worry about break-ins or fingerprint copies. With a smart lock, you can also control access to your home with your phone and also control exactly who has access to your house and when.

A Smart Hardware Filter

In addition to the physical protection of your home, this device can cater to your need for online privacy. This smart hardware system can encrypt all of your online home devices to prevent any invasion of privacy be it being watched by a smart TV to data collection via a mobile app. We often, accidentally allow certain third-party cookies that may pose a threat to our device and data. This filter can provide protection against these pop-ups and cookies. Above all, it blocks the surveillance of our online activity, from potential hackers and the likes who prey on unprotected data.

A Smart Cooking Sensor

Forgetting to turn off the stove before leaving the house, is far too much of a real-life worry to leave unattended. Cooking fires are the primary reason for household fires and if this is a problem that you have faced before, you might find a solution in a smart cooking sensor that can help you prevent cooking fires by cutting off the power before it leads to a fire. It can monitor stove temperature, overall air quality index as well as power consumption and can do this all by itself with its smart technology.

A Video Doorbell

Doorbells have an annoying habit or ringing just when you’ve settled down comfortably. With this smart doorbell, you can answer the door via your phone from anywhere in the world and even have a conversation with them without actually having to get up. This device serves the purpose of being your very own personal bouncer. With its advanced technology, this doorbell provides an extremely realistic live stream of any activity at your doorstep. As a smart device, it comes along with a mobile app that allows you to zoom into any package left at your door or any unexpected visitors.

A Floodlight Camera

Regular cameras often have blind spots that make it difficult to completely secure your home. With this gadget, you can keep a watch over your entire property. Its LED floodlights and motion detection features can cover every nook and cranny of your home even at night. Like any other smart device, this camera can also be controlled in the palm of your hand with a mobile app that will alert you of any visitors and also allow you to trigger the siren or shine the lights on specific areas of your property with complete ease.

These gadgets will secure your home with the utmost convenience. You can consider them for any common household threat that you may foresee and safeguard your home from future harm.

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