Different Types of Birth Control Methods Explained

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There exists a varied option when it comes to birth control pills. It is a person’s choice to decide which medicine to go for. While selecting the right birth control pills, you must know that birth control pills play a significant role for women who are sexually active and are not willing to conceive, thus preventing unwanted pregnancy. Also, known as oral contraceptives, these pills are a great way to enjoy sexual life and, at the same time, can control birth. 

This article gives the readers an idea of how these pills work and whether they are the best choice for a woman. 

Different Types of Birth Control

When the estrogen and progestin hormones are combined synthetically, the give rise to combination pills. The active pills imply that there is a presence of hormones, while the inactive ones are devoid of any hormones. Different kinds of combination pills are available in the market. 

Monophasic pills: These bills are used within one month, and each monophasic capsule gives the user an equal dosage of hormones. It is recommended to have the inactive pills in the cycle’s last week to get timely menstruation.

Multiphasic Pills: Used in a one-month duration; however, the amount of hormone provided by each pill is not the same. While someone is on this pill, inactive pills are taken in the last week so that the menstruation happens on time. 

Extended Cycle Pills: These pills, on the other hand, are used in 13 weeks period. For the initial 12 weeks, the active tablets are taken, and inactive pills are consumed in the last week. Someone’s with these pills will have menstruation only three or four times in a year. 

Progestin Pills

As the name suggests, progestin is found to exist in this pill. This pill does not contain estrogen. Also known as minipill, progestin pills are the most effective for females whose health does not permit the consumption of estrogen. As there is no inactive pill, hence the chances of periods might or might not be there. 

How to decide which birth control pill to go for?

A female who wishes to use a birth control pill must remember that every birth control pill might not be suitable for her. Hence, it is good to consult the physician and understand the different pill options and then make a final decision. Some factors that must be considered while selecting the birth control pills. 

  1. The symptoms that one gets during menstruation
  2. The health of one’s heart
  3. Breastfeeding the baby
  4. Any chronic health disorders that one might have
  5. Use of other medicines 

How do these pills work?

Two ways are used by combination pills to work in a person’s body. Firstly, they rule out any possibility of ovulation, thus suggesting that the ovaries will not be able to release an egg every month. Secondly, with the use of these pills, the thickening of the cervical mucus takes place, which hinders the flow of sperm to a woman’s uterus.

Unlike combination pills, progestin pills work in different ways. They help in the thickening of cervical mucus and thinning of endometrium. This helps in keeping the pregnancy at bay.

How does a woman use these pills?

One can buy combination pills in different formats. They come in mixed packs such as 21 days, 24, or cycles of 28 days. Irrespective of the forms, one should take one tablet every day, preferably at the same time.

Are these pills effective?

 One should remember these pills can work the best if they are consumed regularly. While combination pills are to be taken at the same time, but they are relatively flexible than progestin pills. If a person takes these pills within the 12 hours duration, in that case too, the pregnancy can be prevented. 

 Advantages of taking Birth Control Pills:

  1. They offer the best protection, thus ensuring protection the entire day. Hence, people should not worry about being pregnant at the time of intercourse.
  2. Being useful for almost everyone, they are the best choice
  3. Women with heavy blood flow cycles feel relieved after having these pills. 
  4. Benefits vary depending on the type of pill one is consuming.

If somebody wishes to opt for birth control pills, they can order them online, too, as the online market is flooded with these pills. However, it is essential to talk to the doctor before opting for these pills. 

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