Find out the benefits of renting a storage unit

One in ten American citizens rents a storage unit. The reasons to do so are numerous but all come down to the same need: quick space. That’s why storage units are so successful. As simple as they are they help people in different life situations. If you ever felt the need to also check out self-storage facilities’ offers, now is the time.

Read this article if you want to know how storage units can help you and what you need to consider. With that in mind you can get the best option. So check all that out below.

Why storage units?

As already mentioned, there are various reasons to rent a storage unit. But they can be clustered into 4 situations. These are called the 4Ds of life. They are death, divorce, downsizing and dislocation. You might get the feeling that these are negative situations. And while this is true some of them might still happen. So being prepared by knowing what storage unit options there are, can be a relief.

  • Situation 1

When our loved ones pass away the situation is already difficult enough as it is. However, the issue will arise as to what to do with all their belongings. But it can be emotionally very hard to make a decision regarding that right away. Storage units are a great short-term solution to this struggle. You can take your time to think all options through while the belongings are at a save place.

  • Situation 2

Getting a divorce is a hard time. While dealing with emotions and legal issues, the question of what to do with one’s own belongings will arise. And while all other issues sound more pressing than what to do with one’s things, storage units are luckily out there to solve that problem quickly so you can focus on the more important things.

  • Situation 3

Downsizing can be voluntarily or involuntarily. Think about the situation where a whole family decides to clean up the house and get rid of old things. Or the situation that one must move to a smaller place. In both situations a lot of things get redundant. However, human beings are simply reluctant to throw things before giving it some time to consider. Storage units are again a great tool to bridge that time.

  • Situation 4

Moving in with a new partner means that some things will be there twice. Before you fight about what items to give up, consider a storage unit and avoid a fight. Also when you are moving to a new city it is possible that you cannot move all the things at once but you need to leave the old apartment already. You guessed it: storage units help you out then. If you find yourself in one of those situations, storage units are a relief to the problem. And even if you do not find yourself in one of those situations you might still be interested in being informed about storage units. For example, if your company has lots of old files that just need too much space in the office. Ever sat in a cramped office? Talk to your boss and get a storage unit for those files.

How do they work?

You see storage units can be a real relief in an otherwise difficult situation. And because difficult situations are not permanent, storage unit contracts are not permanent either. This means that usually you can cancel them on a monthly basis. Storage units come in different sizes. From a small walk-in closet size to a big garage that can fit 2 cars size. So whatever size you need, there is an option for it. The self-storage units usually don’t have any windows and have concrete walls. You can access the unit through a metal roll up door on one side. Usually, you will have 24-hour access to your belongings. Often the storage units are air conditioned and some even come with an elevator. Also, some storage units offer boxes to arrange your things inside the unit or help to get it there. And storage units sometimes also come with outdoor options so you can keep a boat or car there.

So, you might have thought all storage units are the same, but they are in fact not. Hence it is definitely worth comparing some storage unit companies.

Security and insurance

It might feel weird to keep one’s things so far away from home. So, the question “What is done to keep my things safe” is a valid one. At first, you are the only person with access to your unit. There are no spare keys at the storage unit site and the people working there also don’t have access. Then the no window and concrete wall design adds additional safety. Next, storage unit facilities usually have a guard on site that checks for irregularities. Many have security cameras installed. A key card to check in and individual door alarms are additional security measures. Some of the more advanced storage units even come with biometric scans to ensure that your belongings are truly only accessed by you.

If you still feel a bit insecure you should know that most storage unit companies offer additional insurance that you can pay for. But also check out your regular insurance as it might also cover storage units.


Self-storage units are a great help in many situations. Some storage units offer more things than others so check out who offers what you need and compare the prices for the service. Also, you do not need to worry about putting your belongings somewhere that is not home because they are protected.

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