Find out why dental implants is a great choice

Dental implants might sound like something that is very helpful and desirable but at the same time also expensive and a bit scary. While the first one is definitely true, the second one is not necessarily. To take away the uncertainty you might have regarding dental implants we gathered some information for you.

It should show you what a good choice a dental implant is. It should also tell you a bit about the technology that is out there. Not just any technology but very enduring and fantastic implants are out there. So, make sure you check them out.

Why care about teeth?

You might wonder why you should even care about the missing tooth. You have lived good enough without replacing it so far. But actually, you should tackle that issue. Don’t worry, dental loss is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, many people in their mid-30s have a missing tooth. While the missing tooth can lead to overall health problems it might also impact your self-esteem. So do not wait any longer and check out your options.

Dental implants vs. dentures

The next question on your mind might be what the difference between a dental implant and dentures is. Let’s explain that.

Dentures are removable parts that substitute your teeth. They already exist since several centuries and are an easy solution to the problem. However, you need to take very good care of dentures. Cleaning them properly for example or making sure that they are correctly placed. If you don’t do that infections and pain are the consequences. The low price convinces people to choose for this option, but you need to calculate further than just the initial cost. In fact, dentures could come more expensive than anticipated. Dental implants on the other side are a permanent tooth replace mechanism. In fact, implants became a very favorable alternative to the dentures in the last years. This is because they are so simple once implemented. Less dentist appointments, less intensive maintenance and they last longer compared to the dentures. Because of that it might be even the cheaper option in the long run. Also, dental implants do not fall out during a good laugh or meal. Once you have them, you do not need to worry about them anymore. They will feel very natural and look so as well. Nobody will see a difference. Something you cannot certainly say about dentures.

So, it seems like dental implants are a really good choice, right? And that is most certainly true, but every good choice comes with a hook. In this case you need to know that implementing dental implants requires a surgery. You might feel uncomfortable with that thought but depending on your jaw’s overall health this can be a really quick procedure.

Dental implant technology

Now that you know why intact teeth are important and you know what dental implants do, you might wonder how this all works. How does the tooth get into my mouth? What materials are common to use? How do I know it all fits? Let’s address these questions one by one. The dental implants are implemented during a surgery. A very well-trained surgeon will drill a titanium socket into the jawbone. This replaces the root of the tooth. The tooth itself will be ceramic and is placed on top of the socket. Like this the tooth will look and feel real.

So, titanium and ceramic are the used materials. Titanium is used in dental related issues already for decades. But this does not mean there was no research and improvement regarding this material. Titanium is by its nature very compatible with the human body. It is for example perfectly resistant to body fluids. And even though the material is already great it could be improved over the last years. To name an example, by sandblasting the material it becomes even more durable.

You are not the first person to wonder how this should all fit. That’s why a lot of research has led to amazing modifications. For example, shorter implants were developed that are even strong as the others but mean a simpler surgery and shorter healing times. Also tilted implants are new which ensure that there is no potential for an issue with the sinus nerve. So, the implant itself has improved over the last years. But also, the procedure of how to make an implant was improved. You might be familiar with a 3D printer. While 3D printers were only a nice gadget for tech freaks some time ago, they made it to valuable instruments in medicine. At first, they were only used to make prototypes but nowadays they are already capable of printing your real implant. This technical improvement along with technical improvement on the computer aided design side ensures that you will get customized and unique dental implants. The printers can process ceramic as well as titanium.

Reading about all these improvements make it clear why dental implants have been such a success lately. To sum up their success: the research on dental implants simplifies the procedure on the doctor’s side, it will result in shorter healing times and implants that fit for sure.


In conclusion dental implants are the very successful successors of dentures. They last a lifetime with minimal effort along the way. They make your smile complete again. They feel and look natural. Hence, you should check out what options are out there to get dental implants.

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