How To Choose a New Garage Door

The garage door plays a crucial role in protecting the car from different elements or thieves. Undoubtedly, a garage door provides safety; however, it can have its problem, which may cause hindrance in keeping the vehicle secured. It might not open up, or sometimes it gets difficult to lock the doors. The repairs of the garage can be expensive and are enough to burn a hole in someone’s pocket. However, this article explains some useful repair tips and some tricks that will keep the garage door running throughout the year. 

The garage door has two main components. The door and the opener of the door are two important parts that might need repair. This section of the article tells how to repair both the parts. It starts with the actual door. Irrespective of the garage door rolling up in sections or swinging up in one piece, it operates on the spring tension. Using the metal tracks on garage walls, the door moves while heavy springs supply power to the door. In most cases of repairs, they are mostly simple. 

 Some of the useful repair tips are discussed as under: 

First Step: It is essential to check if the metal tracks are in place located inside the garage. Also, attention should be given to the mounting brackets that are responsible for holding the tracks inside the walls. If they are found to be loose, then the bolts should be tightened or screwed at the appropriate places. Keeping the garage door closed, one should examine the tracks to rule out possibilities of crimps, dents or spots. If any damaged spot is found, they should be pounded out using a hammer or a rubber mallet and a block of wood. In case, the tracks are found to be severely damaged, and they are needed to be replaced.

Second Step: The tracks need to have a proper alignment. Using a level, one should check the tracks. On the one hand, the horizontal section of the tracks must slant down slightly towards the back of the garage while the vertical tracks must look plumb. Both horizontal and vertical tracks should be of the same height and located at the walls of the garage. However, if the tracks are misaligned, one should loosen it slightly but should not remove the bolts or screws that keep the mounting brackets secured at their positions and tap them into their positions carefully. The tracks must be rechecked with the level to ensure they are at the right position; the bolts or the screws must be tightened at mounting brackets after that. 

Third Step: The tracks should be cleaned with household cleaners to get rid of dirt and grease. The rollers must be cleaned thoroughly, and the tracks must be wiped regularly. 

Fourth Step: If there is any loose hardware, they should be checked for and then tightened as required. On the swing-up doors, the plates must be checked regularly where the spring is mounted, and one should ensure that the bolts are tightly screwed and tighten loose screws, if any. While on the roll-up doors, the hinges that hold the different sections of the door tightly together must be checked thoroughly and loose screws if any must be tightened, and damaged hinges must be replaced immediately. Timely servicing of the hinges will remove the sagging at one of the sides of the door. When a screw hole enlarges in size, then the screw must be replaced with a longer screw, and a hollow fiber plug usually dipped in glue, must also be used along with the new screw. With the help of a wood filler, the cracks and the screw holes must be filled up when the wood is found to be cracked at a hinge. The filler should be allowed to dry, and then the same can be replaced with the hinge. If possible, the hinge can be moved to the solid wood.

One must carry out the repair work cautiously and should not try to repair a roll-up door when it has only one torsion spring located at the center of the door. There are chances of the spring injuring the person doing the repair works because of the great tension. It is recommended to call a professional repair service member for doors with this kind of springs. In some cases, the problem with the garage door is associated with the opener.

Common Problems: 

Frozen Garage Doors: The mechanism of your garage door opener can be stiffened by cold weather. As a result, it can lose power. The garage door openers generally come with pressure adjustments for both lowering and raising them. To keep things running smoothing without any hindrance, it is crucial to check and adjust these settings at regular intervals. 

Next, the doors sometimes become saggy with time. These aging doors should be squared up with the tension rods placed at the back of the door. These rods are positioned diagonally from top corners to the bottom corners, and they are tightened at a turnbuckle to straighten the doors out. A little time must be given for them to get adjusted to the change. One may visit the home centers to purchase tension rods to equip the doors with them. 

Time to Call the Experts:

Small things like the cracks or the sagging doors can be fixed with the products. 

However, when somebody finds big cracks on the doors or the door walls, they should call the professionals to handle the problem. So, one should call the mason when the following things are observed.

  1. A crack on the door or in a masonry wall that is quite large and has a profuse growth
  2. A foundation wall that looks to be shifted
  3. Big patches of dark molds are found on the wall
  4. When the wall buckles and bricks or mortar starts to fall off from the wall 

As mentioned above, seniors must act prudently and carry out the garage door repair work; however;, if things go out of control, they should not delay and opt for immediate professional help.

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