Smartphone brands compared: Apple vs. Samsung

Apple or Samsung - that is a question often asked. And of course we all know that one friend that says that Apple has the best products and the best operating system and the best design and the best everything. We all also know that other friend that hates Apple because … yeah why actually? And who would never leave Samsung for that fruit. So recommendations from friends are not always helpful. The info below should guide you what deal you should be looking for.

That is why we collected information for you about those two popular brands so you can make the best choice when it comes to deciding which brand to go for.

Let’s start with explaining the product lines of Apple and Samsung.


In 2007 the first iPhone was released. Already back then the iPhone was different from other phones.
It came in a new, very sleek design and the colours were not exciting, just silver and black. The first iPhone was also already one where you had no option to extend storage. You had 16 GB and that’s it. Other phones usually had a SD slot so you could extend the storage when needed. The later iPhones then came with different storage configurations and you could decide how much you will need in the next few years which was not always an easy decision. And while it sounds simpler to having a phone where you can extend storage anytime you want, the opposite became the industry standard.

This shows how strong Apple could position itself as a brand. Another example is that Apple was the first who did not provide a charger. Samsung made a lot of fun about this. But guess what, now Samsung does the same.

The product range of iPhones is simple. Once a year a new phone is released. The latest version is the iPhone 12 at this moment. With a new phone comes a slightly changed version of the phone like a Pro version, a Mini version or a Pro Max version. So you as a customer have some choices but not as many as other phone brands offer. But Apple fans like exactly that simplicity!

Maybe you remember the iPhone SE. It was a cheaper version of the iPhone 6 with only minor adaptations. People loved it at first but it was soon forgotten when the iPhone7 entered the world. So in case you are waiting for Apple to release a cheaper and adapted phone version of a new phone again you might be waiting until forever.


Samsung does it differently compared to Apple. They offer a wide range of phones with different pricing options. The most popular phone series of them is probably the S series. But actually Samsung already had nearly all the letters of the Alphabet as a series name since they started producing phones.

Nowadays only 5 product lines are still popular and you might sometimes wonder what the differences are.

  • Galaxy S series
    • The high-end phones that have their price but are worth it. The quality is high and it is everything Samsung stands for. The S line phones are their Flagship products. The S21 is the latest version but there are also the S21+ and the S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy Note series
    • The note phones are bigger than regular smartphones and come with a pen. The note series is considered a mix of tablet and smartphone. The Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are the latest versions here.
  • Galaxy A series
    • The A stands for Alpha and these phones are the choice for more price conscious Samsung customers. While the quality is still high, those phones come with less features. But of course they never miss the important ones
  • Galaxy Z series
    • This is again a high-end series like the S series but this time with foldable phones thanks to foldable screens. 3 are already released: the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold 2.
  • Galaxy M series
    • Also called the millennial series it stands for cheap, low-end phones that can only be purchased online. This series emerged from the J series and is the least well known out of this list

So the name of the series gives already a lot of information about the phones

Let’s now look at the different brands from another angle - Compatibility

Apple produces products that are perfectly compatible with one another. That is one of the things Apple fans love. Your iPhone is configured to your Apple watch and to your MacBook. You have AirPods that connect flawlessly to your other Apple products and everything runs on IOS. With AirDrop or Facetime you can share photos and video calls with other iPhone owners.

What Apple fans love is what all other people hate. Apple products used to come with their own chargers until the USB-C charging system appeared. Getting your photos from an iPhone to non Apple laptop was a challenge and mixing IOS with Android or Windows is annoying. So mixing Apple and Samsung Products does not seem optimal.

Samsung on the other hand is simpler in that respect. It is more similar to other phone brands since it operated on Android. Also before the USB-C chargers came you could charge your Samsung with any other available phone charger. Also Samsung fits more with the current industry standards while Apple could be seen as setting new industry standards.

So when deciding which brand to choose it really makes sense to evaluate your other electronics as well to make the best choice for the future


The conclusion is that both phone brands offer great products. While you have more choice in phone performance and price with Samsung, Apple convinces its customers with a simple choice and a steady product development. Switching from one brand to the other comes with some obstacles but ask anyone you know and they will tell you that after a few days you are already used to the other brand as if you never used something different.

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