What Is The Best Floor Marking Tape?

When it comes to floor markings in the warehouse or a factory, it might be tricky for many people. This article has attempted to present a floor marking guide that might be useful for many readers. This article can be beneficial, especially for people who work in industrial belts, thus allowing them to understand the things that they should do in a commercial environment. 

Benefits of Floor Marking:

Some floors are marked following the laws of a specific country; however, it is also worthwhile to mark the entire floor in general with different color codes, thus allowing maximizing your income. Some of the benefits of using color-coded floors are discussed as below: 

  1. Color-coded floors are the best indication for hazards if any, thus reducing the chances of accidents
  2. During an emergency, it can help us and make quick accessibility of things like first aid and equipment easier
  3. Minimizes the chances of confusion and also helps in saving time
  4. Aids navigation
  5. Universal message to everyone thus preventing barriers in language

The above mentioned are the advantages of floor marking; however, the most crucial question here is what one should use to mark the floors? One might go for different floor marking tapes, such as hazard warning or lane marking, as both of them are strong and durable. These tapes can be applied and removed conveniently, thus making an obvious choice for marking the floors.

The Floor Marking Law:

The question is relevant here; however, one must know that the law is not the same for every country. Different pieces of advice are offered by various health and safety bodies on the floor marking topic.

What do the colors indicate? 

One should remember that no law denotes the use of specific colors for specific hazards; however, there is a prevalent system which is used by most of the workplaces. Also, foil tapes of different colors are used while marking the places:

  1. White denotes machinery and equipment of a specific place
  2. Red stands for scrap products that come from the production
  3. Orange is used when there are products that are lined up for inspection 
  4. Yellow denotes the rules that people and vehicles must follow in the workplace concerning traffic
  5. Finished products are indicated by green color
  6. Products which are not processed yet are denoted by blue
  7. For showing the work in progress, the usage of black is common. 

How can the floor marking system be used?

Firstly, one needs to perform a thorough checking of rules, and then, one must design the system relevant to your workplace.

  • It is essential to have a document in place, denoting the colors. This document must be kept in such a way so that everyone who enters the work areas can access the report. Also, the material must be designed in a way keeping in mind the visuality factor. It is necessary to rule out the chances of any misunderstandings.
  • If one uses varied colors, then it won't be effortless for everyone to remember them. Hence, the usage of colors should be limited and helps in retaining them. As an instance, there might be equipment in the factory, each one of which can be used for different purposes. Instead of having several colors to mark each of the machines, it is a suggestion to use a broad label to mark the machinery under the same category. 
  • Usage of similar colors might not be a good idea; hence it is recommended not to use them.
  • Creating a floor map with every minute details must be encouraged before anyone starts to mark the floor. Displaying the plan might be a good option for easy comprehension.

How can one use tape for lane marking?

Now that the color codes are in place, one should start applying the tape.

  • The floor must be cleaned, and after it dries up completely, the tape must be applied, thus allowing an attractive look.
  • Chalk can be used for sketching before the application of tape.
  • One may use an applicator device for making straight lines when it comes to large floors.
  • For lane marking, one should ensure the usage of continuous lines. 

It is essential to explore more about tapes; hence one must keep learning about them. 

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